Remy PuppyUp Tribute


Remy had an incredibly fast growing, aggressive oral cancer. He was diagnosed 1/30/24. There was a 3 week wait to see a surgeon and oncologist. On 2/12/24 I brought him into Blue Pearl and they got me in with a surgeon the next day and he had mass debulked the next day. By the weekend the mass had already began growing back. He had a CT SCAN 2/21/24.

The scan showed a large tumor, and his upper left jaw, teeth and tumor were going to need to be removed during a long and hard surgery. We had him hospitalized 2/23/24 because he was not eating, drinking and was bleeding. I spoke to emergency DVM and surgeon. The growth outside was so fast and you could visibly see the tumor was growing inside just as fast as the bulge in his cheek was getting bigger every day.

We spoke of options, quality of life, the likeliness of a rapid return of cancer because the ability to remove tentacles from tumor in this area would be impossible. Over the weekend I thought of what Remy would want. What he’d want. How much he loved his active life… on Monday morning I spoke with surgeon who had consulted with another surgeon and the decision to euthanize was made. I brought him home and he spent the next 24 hours being Remy. No cone, running the fence with our just adopted Blaise, all morning outside with me and my 2 kids and playing tag with Blaise. At 1 o’clock Blue Pearl hospice came and he laid on the couch with his head on my lap, my children loving him and Blaise there too. It was heartbreaking but peaceful. I got to say goodbye to my best friend, my heart in our home… forever in my heart, Remy.