What is the PuppyUp Walk?

The walk is a simple 1 to 2 mile easy walk through a park or community for dogs and their owners to enjoy together. Individuals or Teams may walk. Walkers may pay an entry fee to walk, and walkers and teams are encouraged to raise pledges. The top fundraisers will win a prize in each city.

Can any city host a Walk?

YES, the more the merrier!

What if I can’t host a Walk? Is there something else I can do that day?

Yes, a Memorial Service, or a small Festival. Our Walk Coordinators know their areas better than we do, so we trust your judgment and the time you have to invest in organizing a successful event.

I’m interested in being a Walk Coordinator & hosting a Walk in my city. What do I do next?

CLICK HERE to contact us about being a Walk Coordinator.

I won’t be able to host a Walk in my city but I would like to volunteer to help the Walk Cordinator. What should I do?

CLICK HERE to contact us about being a Walk Volunteer. We will be matching those who want to volunteer at Walks (and the volunteers are so important!) with the Walk Coordinators nearest to them. Each Walk Coordinator will organize his or her volunteers and assign the help that is needed for each event.

There’s only one Luke, Hudson & Indiana. How will they decide what Walk to attend?

Luke and the Boys won’t be deciding you will!!! The City that raises the most money the this year will be the where Luke, Hudson and Indiana will walk next year. So, this is your city’s incentive to raise as many funds as possible!