2 Million Dogs

A Message From Yer Big Dog

When we were on our firsts ‘2 Dogs 2,000 mile walk’ from Austin to Boston I got asked often about why we didn’t start on The West Coast since it’s renown for its love of animals. I considered it but as that would have extended the trek to 3,000 miles, I’d need 3 dogs as traveling companions and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of being owned by Great Pyrenees, 2 was enough for me.

So it is with great excitement and anticipation that our second walk is The West Coast, from Vancouver to San Diego.

So why a second walk? Birds fly. Fish swim. Dogs walk and as Yer Big Dog was born in 1970, the year of the Dog, it’s my path and my fate.

Saturday, May 10th, Hudson and Indiana, the fabulous fuzzybutts, and I will launch from Peace Arch Park right on the US/Canadian border. Our West Coast route will take us through Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, the Bay area, Los Angeles, and finally to San Diego. You can track us along the way via our TAGG pet trackers or if you’re in the area, we encourage you to come out and walk a mile, walk a day or even a week with us. Puppy Up! – Hudson, Indiana, & Yer Big Dog

2 Million Dogs

How to Get Involved

Track Us on TAGG

2 Million Dogs - TAGGNot only will Luke be able to locate Hudson and Indy if they get lost, he’ll be able to track their daily activity levels. Tagg has generously donated Tagg Trackers for both Hudson and Indiana, as well as supplies for Luke.

Memorial Contribution

2 Million Dogs Memorial WallA percentage of the donations to our Memorial Wall between March and November of this year will go toward Luke and the boys Walk 2 from Vancouver to San Diego. When you make a $30 donation in honor of or in memory of a person or dog we will recognize your donation to them here on our Memorial Wall, add their name to the Memorial Shirt that Luke will wear on Walk 2.

View the Memorial Wall

Feed the Fuzzy Butts

2 Million DogsHudson and Indiana would love it if they received a shipment of treats every week along with their food. For information on where to send treats contact Valerie at Valerie@puppyup.org.

Walk With Us

2 Million DogsWalk a mile, walk a day, or walk a week with us or just come out and meet the fuzzybutts, contact Ginger Morgan at ginger@puppyup.org for our route and schedule.

2 Million Dogs

About Walk 1

After losing Malcolm to metastatic bone cancer, I sold my truck, put my stuff into storage and set out with my two Pyrenees, Hudson and Murphy on a 2,300 mile 16 state 826 day adventure.  We walked from town to town sharing his story and bringing awareness to the epidemic of cancer in pets and people.

One June 19th 2010 along with hundreds of friends and family, we walked the final mile to the Boston Common.  It was one fine day but within a few weeks, Murphy was diagnosed with nasal cancer and the tumor had already grown so large that it was inoperable.  He was given rest June 22nd 2011.

My first walk was dedicated to Malcolm.  This is for Murphy.

I want to thank all of the sponsors, supporters, friends, and family we’ve found and made mile by mile along our travels who have enabled us to keep this great story going.

Since the inception of the foundation I began, 2 Million Dogs, we have funded a quarter of a million dollars in studies that search for the link between cancer in people and pets and another $100,000 in education and awareness initiatives.  We have walks in over 30 states now and the foundation continues to grow its grass roots base.