2 Million Dogs

Ginger Morgan

Ginger Morgan is the Executive Director (Chief Puppy Up Officer) and President of the Board for The Puppy Up Foundation. Prior to joining the 2 Dogs 2000 Miles/2 Million Dogs/The Puppy Up Foundation team she was the Executive Director for the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County. In 2008, Morgan was recognized as one of “Fifty Woman Who Make a Difference” in Memphis, TN. Morgan’s background also includes experience in advertising, marketing, fundraising and event planning. She, along with Pete (her dog), started the Visiting Dog Therapy Program at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis. While at the Humane Society, Morgan trained juvenile prisoners at the Shelby County Correctional Center, who had been tried as adults, to train the dogs at the Humane Society to give them a better chance of getting adopted. She resides in Memphis with her dogs and cat.

2 Million Dogs

Erich Trapp

Erich Trapp is the Secretary of The Puppy Up Foundation. He’s an English professor, writes several blogs, and edits several science fiction publications and text books. He’s worked as an actor and techie in the theatre, a radio personality, copy writer, voice over artist, choral conductor, and musician, and has served on several international special interest boards in New York and Texas. Originally from Gowanda, New York, he moved to Dallas, Texas in 1979 and became a Naturalized Texan. In 2000, he and his wife moved to Middle Tennessee, where they live with their dog and cat. Having personally lost three dogs to cancer, Erich became interested in Luke’s work and steadfast commitment to educating the public about the epidemic of canine cancer. Erich originally worked with 2 Dogs 2000 Miles starting in April of 2008, and is proud to continue his work with 2 Million Dogs. He remains committed to the goals of spreading awareness about canine cancer to a growing international audience, and supporting the expanding efforts of 2 Million Dogs as they positively impact lives around the world.

2 Million Dogs

Karyn Vasquez

Karyn Vasquez first got involved with The Puppy Up Foundation in October, 2010 when she enthusiastically told Ginger, “I can put a walk on in 3 weeks!” Well, after Ginger picked herself off the floor from laughing, together they came to the conclusion that next year might be a more realistic goal.

Karyn’s background is in Information technology. Her entire professional career has been spent designing voice automated technology in the banking industry. But her passion is her love of animals. In 2007, she read an article about a local pet rescue, Young at Heart. They are the only senior pet rescue in the Chicagoland area. Their mission is to rescue and rehome senior dogs and cats that, through no fault of their own, have ended up on death row simply because they are old or their bodies have been stricken with cancer. She immediately joined as a volunteer and within a year was elected to their executive board of directors and has been on the board and a major contributor ever since.

In 2008 when her beloved dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma, she devoted all her time researching and learning about canine cancer, the possible environmental and nutritional causes, and the various treatments available. Through her research, Karyn found and joined forces with 2 Million Dogs to help educate the public about this deadly disease and raise funds for comparative research.

In 2011, Karyn brought 2 Million Dogs to Chicago by organizing a walk that brought in $15k that contributed towards Princeton University’s Molecular Study of Canine Mammary Tumor Development and Progression.

Karyn’s breadth of knowledge combined with her business expertise and passion for the cause are essential elements to a successful organization.

2 Million Dogs

Jude Kosky

As Founder and “Alpha”‎ of Big Paws Pet Care LLC, Jude Kosky’s roots are in customer care. Having built longstanding careers in both the retail and restaurant industries, her experience has paved her path to a respected and recommended pet professional in the NY/NJ region. With a professional education in business merchandising, marketing and management, Ms. Kosky is a savvy, knowledgeable business owner who believes in strong customer ties. In 2006, combining her entrepreneurial spirit and professionalism with her lifetime hobby and experience with animals, Big Paws was created to foster a ‎genuine understanding of pets’ needs. “Your pet’s care is our lifestyle” became its motto.

From the start, the day-to-day is not about the bottom line. In any venture,‎ Jude’s drive is in helping others. Whether it is a sensitive ear for someone who has had a challenging day or guidance for a family handling the joys of new puppy ownership, Jude’s work is aiding in the success of others.

As a true “people person,” Ms. Kosky was touched long ago by charitable functions to “find a cure.” She participated in rock-a-thons, walk-a-thons, dance-a-thons and numerous events to help others find a way. So, when she met Ginger Morgan while attending a pet industry conference in 2010, Jude knew she would be involved with this grassroots organization that supported both dogs and people. Within a couple of months of that encounter, she not only organized the Puppy Up! Jersey City Walk for comparative oncology research, but Jude also enlisted Big Paws Pet Care for a Cause as the major sponsor of the event — that year and every year since. In 2011, Jude was invited to join the Board of Directors of The Puppy Up Foundation.

She proudly continues to represent the organization, promotes its mission, and coordinates Puppy Up! Jersey City annually.

Ms. Kosky is a member of Pet Sitters International‎, the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce, and is a Certified PetTech(r) and PetSaver.

2 Million Dogs