Yoda Borla photo

“Yoda is full of personality, using his “Jedi Master” mind tricks to get what he wants!” 


I have rescued dogs of all sizes. I currently have 5 dogs that range from 180 pounds to 11 pounds. Yoda is the youngest. He was rescued from the Animal Foundation, being adopted on 04/30/23 at approximately 4-5 months old. 

Yoda is full of personality and tries to use his “Jedi Master” mind tricks on his fellow furry siblings to give him what he wants, but the tricks always seem to work better on humans.  Everyone who sees “Baby Yoda” just showers him with attention and he loves it. We are in puppy training, and he is one stubborn little guy. He wants to do things on his own terms. He is not treat motivated, so he literally takes the treat and then spits it out in defiance. I hope this picture of Yoda makes everyone who sees it smile.