Parker Selves photo 1



“but it never took his spirit.”

Such a silly and quirky boy, Parker was found in a local park in 2008.  He never liked many people – but for almost 13 years, Parker sure loved me.  He also loved going for walks and he would bark the entire time – just so happy!  He kept watch outside the house for anything that moved – so he could bark at it and protect his kingdom.  He loved to chase squirrels and lizards! In 2020, he developed a cough.  Lung cancer had invaded my boy – but it never took his spirit. On that final morning in 2021, he began his journey to meet all the pups before him.  Fly high my “Parker Poo,” my “Parker Peter.”  I know you were running at top speed – barking LOUD and smiling ear to ear as you were welcomed through Heaven’s pearly doggy door.  I love you and will miss you forever. “Bark, Bark”!