With another first this season, it’s the Cooking for Pets & People Show! Chef Big Dog is planning on a series of culinary shows & Roanna Sabeh-Azar, the fabulous founder of Neo Paws, is here for our first with her delicious Beef Bourguignon recipe.

She’s a legit chef with her own cooking show @HEALTHYCOOKINGWITHRO.

Ro has been a part of the Puppy Up family since Walk 1 donating her sexy high performance shoes to my Fuzzybutts and we had tremendous fun shooting this episode with her! Apologies for the production quality – we had 2 cameras in the kitchen with 2 different image settings and my camera was way above my screen which looks weird. We’ll get that fixed for the next cooking episode and until then, Puppy Up & Chow Down! ——– #FuzzybuttsAndFriends #yerbigdog #lukerobinson #gingermorgan #HealthyCookingWithRo #NeoPaws #cookingfordogs #healthycooking #dogrecipes #PuppyUp #caninecancer