dr. flory



We’ve had Dr. Andi Flory on our show before but she is back on to talk about some wonderful new developments with PetDX’s cancer detection technology! And since our last conversation with Dr. Flory PetDX has published 6 new research papers one of which studied the average age of cancer diagnosis according to specific breeds. This research became the basis for PetDX’s new tool for pet parents – SAFE: Screening Age For Early detection. Also PetDX has introduced a lower cost screening tool for asymptomatic dogs – OncoK9 Screen – to be used with your dog’s annual wellness examination. Learn about OncoK9 DX and OncoK9 Screen here: https://oncok9.com/ Find out when it’s time to start screening your dog for cancer here: https://cancersafe.petdx.com/ ——– #FuzzybuttsAndFriends #yerbigdog #lukerobinson #gingermorgan #AndiFlory #PetDX #OncoK9 #cancerdetection #cancerscreening #caninecancer #cancer #dogcancer #PuppyUp