Happy Birthday, DOGust Dogs!

Happy Birthday, DOGust Dogs!

It’s a sad fact that many of the dogs who wind up in shelters can’t be registered for official birthdays. Oh, shelter workers can estimate their age, but they can never know for sure. When these dogs are adopted, their new family might give them a random date–such as the adoption day itself–as a birthday.

Or, you can celebrate DOGust on the first of every August, the Universal Birthday for shelter dogs.

DOGust 1st was founded by the North Shore Animal League America. This “birthday” applies to shelter and all other rescue dogs who don’t have an official record in place.

Beth Ostrosky, an Animal League spokesperson, had this to say: “A birthday celebration is an opportunity to express our sentiments for one another. These wonderful animals, many still waiting patiently in shelters for their adopters, are so full of life and love, and live to please us. Now we have a day set aside to honor them and return the unconditional love and adoration they give us, day after day. These sweet animals crave our affection and company, so we can imagine the warm feelings they will experience from all the extra attention on their special day, DOGust 1st”

DOGust 1st is also the perfect opportunity to promote the actual adoption of shelter dogs (and other animals) in order to keep their lives happy, healthy, and fulfilled. By celebrating your rescue dog’s birthday, you can spread the word to friends and family, encouraging them to seek out other pets who are waiting for new homes. You can also raise awareness about pet adoption services and shelters in general, praising them for all the incredible work they do in rescuing and caring for animals across the country and the world.

How will you celebrate DOGust 1st? Does your pet have an official birthday, or will it join many others for this unique holiday?

Ways to Celebrate

Special Treats for Your Special Pup(s)

If you have a shelter or rescue dog, make the day special. Maybe a favorite meal or snack, or even a small dish of vanilla ice cream. Or a new toy, or visit to a favorite park or swimming hole.

Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter
Animal shelters are always in need of extra volunteers and DOGust would be the perfect day for you lend a helping hand. Shelter dogs are so appreciative of even the smallest acts of kindness and displays of affection – what better way to celebrate their special day than by showing up to give them some love and donate your time to the shelter’s needs?

Donate Supplies to Your Local Shelter
Even the smallest animal shelters go through an overwhelming amount of supplies on a daily basis in order to keep the animals healthy and to provide an environment that they can thrive in. Some shelters even rely solely on donations to keep these supplies in stock. Check the website of your local shelters or give them a call and find out what supplies they are currently in need of and help out in any way that you can. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in some birthday treats for the DOGust celebration!

Adopt a Shelter Dog in DOGust
We can’t think of any better way to celebrate this special holiday. If you have been on the fence for some time, thinking about adopting a shelter dog, during DOGust would be the perfect day to do it! Talk about making a dog’s day – celebrating a birthday AND finding a forever home all in one day!

However you celebrate your special friend, give your pup a little extra love and attention today.