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What’s more fun than a room full of puppies? Our PuppyUp Calendar Contest! (OK, puppies are more fun, but this is fun too.)

Enter the contest to honor your canine cancer hero, help promote awareness about canine cancer, and raise funds for cancer research to benefit both pets and people. Join us for an exciting contest to determine who wins one of 13 prominent places on the 2016 calendar.

pointing dog smallLOOK! NEW! VOTING BEGINS IMMEDIATELY through JULY 12. Enter your dog now through July 12. (The earlier you enter, the more votes you can gather.)

Enter your dog’s photo and story from May 11th through July 12 (when voting ends)

Voting begins NOW and runs through July 12.

Share your page on your favorite social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and email your family and friends and encourage them to go to your page and vote for your dog!

Who can enter? Anyone with a dog who currently has or has had cancer (living or passed) can enter, including dogs who have entered in previous PuppyUp calendar contests.

To begin, CLICK HERE, then click on the “Register Here” button in the left column and follow the directions. Please be sure to write down and remember your user name and password! You will need both to access your personal page to include updates, email family and friends, and determine your own personal monetary goal.

Keep reading below for complete information …

How does it work? Register your dog as a participant in the contest. You create and edit your own home page by uploading your dog’s story and photo and tell how they came to be touched by cancer. Your $10 registration fee applies as the first 10 votes for your dog. (Votes are $1.00 each, with a minimum donation of $5.00.) Be sure to register with your most reliable email address. This is the only way we can contact you.

If you want to enter more than 1 dog, there is a separate $10.00 registration fee for each, and you will create a separate page for each dog.

For questions about the contest or technical issues with your photographs or stories, please contact Erich Trapp at erich@puppyup.org.

Photo requirements: Upload your dog’s best high resolution .jpg digital photo — minimum of 500kb, but  1MB resolution or greater is ideal for reproduction in the calendar. Please be prepared to submit the same high resolution digital photo to Erich upon request.

Story guidelines:  Stories can be any length but a good start is about 1-2 paragraphs. Tell us about your dog – how you came to meet each other, what their favorite activities are, what special talents they have, what funny or touching memories you made together, how brave they are in the face of cancer. Basically, what makes your dog an amazing hero. Share your best memories. And remember, your dog isn’t his or her cancer, so stories don’t have to be just about cancer either. Write from your heart.

The 13 dogs with the highest number of votes win. Winners will choose which month they want their photos and stories on and they will have their stories and photos published in the calendar.

And ALL of the photo entries will be included in our 2016 Calendar Photo Gallery. No dog will be left out.

Where do voting dollars go? Your voting dollars go to fund cutting-edge research in comparative oncology, that branch of research that benefits both companion animals and humans in our fight against cancer. Click here to read about previous research and educational grants participants like you have already helped us fund.

What makes the PuppyUp Calendar so special? Your photos and stories make the calendar unique. One of PuppyUp’s steadfast goals has always been education about canine cancer and comparative oncology. And one of the best ways we can do this is through stories and photos, which genuinely inspire and encourage so many others.

But what makes our calendars one-of-a-kind keepsakes? Not only do the winners pick their special months, but every dog entered has his or her photo in the calendar. No one gets left behind. We have a whole section of gallery photos dedicated to all of the dogs entered that year.  We also include all 13 of last year’s winners, and our calendar includes not only the regular ‘people’ holidays but dozens of special dog holidays like: National Puppy Day, Pet Theft Awareness Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day, World Animal Remembrance Month, Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and dozens more.

We’re looking forward to all this year’s entries, and, through your participation, funding vital canine cancer research. But we can’t do it without your help. So, come join the fun, enter your dog, vote for your favorites, and help make a difference.

Have fun, good luck, and puppy up!


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